Friday 25 June 2010
A sizeable number of locals lined the sides of the High St in town today to welcome back the troops from Afghanistan. Some of the children including the Principal of our local school came along. I was kicking myself for not bringing along my camera.

I couldn't help feeling a little choked up seeing the British soldiers marching down the street. The troops were made out of men and women of various ethnicity and many are so young. Although I'm not a British citizen, I feel so proud of these courageous individuals who are willing to put their life on the line leaving their loved ones at home, with little pay to protect the country I'm living in. So those of you who are in the army/navy/military, my heartfelt gratitude for your bravery and sacrifice.

On a lighter note, unbeknowst to me, while I was grappling with L, the buttons on my shirtdress came undone. No wonder the a few of soldiers who marched past were giving me odd stares. Free stripshow!


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