Childrenswear Sale

Monday 28 June 2010
One of my favorite children's clothing online shop, Squibbly Biskit is having a sale. I hardly ever purchase L's clothes at full retail price so I tend to stock up whenever the opportunity arises. I'm a huge fan of Petit Bateau as I find their clothes very reasonably priced (during sales) and their clothes do not shrink when I tumble dry them. Here are my picks from Squibbly Biskit although L may think different (imagine ruffles, frou frou, pink = GHASTLY)

  Petit Bateau Pink Short Sleeved dress with pockets Was £36.99 NOW £18.49

Petit Bateau Navy Pink Striped Dress Was £24.95 NOW £12.45

Petit Bateau Summer Dress Was £30 NOW £15

Joules DollyMix Creme Vintage Skirt Was £17 NOW £8.50

Joules Posy Dress Was £27 NOW £13.50


  1. The Joules Posy dress is a cutie. Did you get any of these?

  2. Sadly, it was out of stock. What a great price too :( I bought the Petit Bateau striped dress as well as the spotty skirt (not shown).



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