I want I want I WANT!

Tuesday 11 May 2010
Little L starts each day with I want.... and I want.... and I want. My response to this is "I'm not your slave".  Not that it made any difference because her bossy demands would somehow turn into a prolonged whinge and whine session. I call it the battle of wills. She who backs out of the fight first loses. She needs to learn I'm the adult, thus mistress of the house and she's the child. My house, my rules.

Impressed with my parenting skills yet? Ahem. *more throat clearing* I'd like to think I emerge as the winner 100% of the time. The reality is she gets away with it when I'm pressed for time or I'm so embarrassed because I can see the whining has just turned into wailing at the checkout counter and the queue behind us is a mile long.

The other day, she pointed out this amazing princess chest from Playmobil that she's got to have. No, it's not my birthday but I WANT this. Unfortunately, she didn't forget about this toy the next day and the next day and the next day.... She may be an only child but I'd hate for her to turn into a spoiled brat.

So, I decided to start her on a course - Financial Planning 101 for 4 year olds. Chapter 1: There's no such thing as instant gratification. In order to get this, she'll have to go through all her toys and sell the ones she no longer plays with on eBay. She will ONLY get what she wants IF she makes enough from her sales.

Now, she's also a hoarder. Like her dad (who knows I might need my 20 year old high school exercise books one day) . And her grandparents (3 lawn mowers, dozens of paintings/prints from garage sales). So, I guess it's a genetic thing. After a long drawn out process with dramatic good-byes, we managed to agree on 4 items to list on eBay. One's sold and 3 more to go.


  1. So, what is she selling? BTW, I managed to get rid of most of the paintings/prints. Woohoo!

  2. Her old Thomas the tank engine, dollhouse and kitchen. Finally! Did they sell for much on TradeMe?

  3. Nah, just wanted to get rid of them, so had very low reserves, and pick-up only instructions. I think all in all, I netted Di $130.



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