Yes to Carrots: See through the dry spell

Saturday 10 April 2010
I discovered Yes to Carrots range of body creams and skincare from libertylondongirl. They're made of natural ingredients and some of their products are certified organic by USDA. So I decided to order a jar of Yes to Carrots: See through the dry spell from Boots (£6.98) to try it out.

I have eczema on my shoulder and upper arm which I've treated previously with a prescription steroid cream. I thought I'd smear some of the Yes to Carrots body cream on the dry patches to see if they'd make any difference. Two days later, my penny sized patches have all but disappeared! They're sold out at Boots but are still available at I'm so pleased with the results that I've placed another order for their lip tint in Sunset Pink (£4.99). The lip tint just came in the post today. I love the minty taste and it's 95% certified organic. It is very sheer so choose a deeper red if you want more color.

Another item I'm planning to get when my night cream runs out. C through the night £9.21


  1. I have similar skin condition, must give it a try...

  2. Their range of lip balm is awesome too! All natural ingredients.



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