Summer Cotton Dresses under £70

Friday 30 April 2010
I'm probably being overly optimistic about the weather in the UK but I'm dying to burn my leggings and tights. I just want to put on summery dresses so that my legs can finally see sunshine for once. My English friends were aghast and nearly blinded by the sight of my untanned legs which was the same shade as Edward Cullen's face.

I've been on a look-out for simple cotton dresses which can double as a tunic during the colder months. These are factors that I consider before plonking down ££ for a dress:

1. Length
I can't do over the knee length because I'm so short vertically challenged. But then again, I can't do micro mini dresses since I'm constantly having to run after and picking up an Energizer bunny (oops another Freudian slip) overactive 4 year old.

2. Comfort
I like simple unfussy dresses which I can accessorize with different jewelry and belts.

3. Cost
I refuse to plonk down my hard earned money for casual attire BUT I will invest in a good coat, jacket, bag and accessories.

4. Wearability
I don't mind sheer fabrics but I've seen so many dresses with NO lining. Highly impractical. I'm sure I'll score a few wolfwhistles but for all the wrong reasons.

5. Fabric
I prefer cotton or modal which I can just throw into the washing machine and tumble dry.

Here are some of my picks:

Topshop Navy Cotton Crochet Smock dress £35 down to £15
I just bought this and it is surprisingly well made.

American Vintage Cotton Jacksonville Tunic Dress £55

Petit Bateau "Sara" Dress 25€

Uniqlo Dark Purple T-shirt dress £12

 Lynn Adler Marine Cotton Voile Dress 68€

Twist & Tango Salute Dress 69€

Warehouse Shirt Dress £40

Asos Fitted Waist Sundress £22


  1. Wow, the Topshop one is fantastic value. I also really like the Lyn Adler voile dress and the Warehouse shirt dress. Very pretty.

  2. We have very similar tastes! Both the Topshop and Lynn Adler dresses are my favorites. I was surprised to see how well made the Topshop dress is. Made of 100% cotton and fully lined too. I paired it with my Hermes belt and Zanotti flats and they looked really good together.I love the Lynn Adler dress. The v neck and drop waist style work best on me. I'm contemplating to get that and/or Warehouse dress. I'm a sucker for ruffles and shirt dresses.

    BTW, I've just received my Joules shirtdress but decided to swap it with a navy instead. I want to show off my red repetto flats :p



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