Play date

Thursday 8 April 2010
Being an only child, L has learned to love her own company. She's an extrovert, unlike her mom who barely knew what to do with her chattiness and exuberance for life in the early years. This is the kid whom at 14 months on a holiday in Hong Kong, crawled away to find company. I barely sat down for a minute, turned around and realized my little monster has crawled into a shop selling top of the range glass sculptures and was having a nice chat with the ladies there.

This morning, she was delighted to find out that A and his little sister, S would be spending the day with us. A and L are interesting to watch. Sometimes, they're best of friends. Holding hands, sharing a Trunki as they speed down the room mowing down anyone in their path (usually little S).

A & L

See this? Best buddies. For now. I didn't get the chance to photograph them when they're fighting for the same toy or tattletale on each other because 1) I'm refereeing the fight 2) I've temporarily lost my vision and hearing.

So, after a lunch consisting of Spaghetti Puttanesca....... (slurp)

I herded the older two out of the house to release all that pent up energy

Captain A

L at playground

No, she wasn't being punished. On second thought, I think this is the perfect location for a new naughty corner.

3 kids

This is what happens when you walk around carrying a camera. I became the playground's unofficial photographer. And these are demanding clients too, checking to see if each shot was satisfactory.


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