Bargains: Childrenwear

Wednesday 28 April 2010
It's no secret that I'm a HUGE fan of Petit Bateau. In fact, almost 70% of L's wardrobe came from Petit Bateau. The French favorite is the one place I head to if I needed to get everyday cotton basics. Their clothes are comfy, well made and their children's seasonal collections are so adorable. I found this website which slashed most of their Petit Bateau range down to 50%. Check out these goodies at

Petit Bateau Girls Rose Cotton Dress With Back Fastening £12

Petit Bateau Pink Checked Cotton dress £18

Petit Bateau Pink Cotton Cardigan £15

Petit Bateau Striped PJs £14

Elephantito started out with a range of European inspired shoes and has branched into clothing. I adore these dresses. They're 50% off at

Elephantito Tunic Dress £22

Elephantito Mauve Winter dress £24


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