Friday 19 March 2010
After a year of being harangued by a then 3 year old for ballet lessons, it took an additional 6 months on the waiting list (??!!!!) before she finally got her wish. Luckily, L seems to enjoy it A LOT. And I do mean A LOT.

So today, us parents were allowed in to watch our little ones "perform".

Instead of following her teacher's instructions, L decided to strike a pose. Note to self: ensure your pre-schooler is asleep before turning on America's Next Top Model.


  1. Very cute !!! those nimble teeny toes....could't wait to see more :D lovely blue ,for a change . Li, thanks for sharing .Kudos to your posts.

  2. Thanks, Mi. She wasn't happy with her blue uniform in the beginning (and neither did the other little girls!) but soon got over it.

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