Explore England: Castle Combe

Tuesday, 29 September 2015
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These photos were taken more than a month ago but once they were edited and dumped into a folder, they were promptly forgotten. I've talked about exploring more of The Cotswolds since the beginning of time. The area isn't even that far from Hampshire yet I haven't taken the initiative to rent a car and just hit several neighboring villages in a weekend. I happened to see Castle Combe popped up on my Instagram feed and literally stopped dead in my tracks. It's the most picturesque English village I've seen to date.

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So we piled into our tiny compact rental car and sped off to Wall. For ardent fans of the movie Stardust, you may already know that Castle Combe was remodeled into the fabled town of Wall. We bumped into busloads of tourists, some scratching their heads quizzically trying to locate the castle on the map. The castle is long gone but the name remains.

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The village is picture perfect. No electric poles or litter in sight. Little wonder why the place is a firm favorite for movie backdrops including the War Horse. It's a sleepy little place but overrun with tourists. Some blatantly ignored No Trespassing signboards. As Lil L and I perched our tushies across the bridge to have a little rest, we watched a few who were up to mischief. All in the name of taking the perfect shot. There's the cloak and dagger operation. You know.......the sort that sneaked a surreptitious glance around and crept under the sign. Then there's the cocky strut. He confidently gatecrashed by pretending to be one of the residents. One owner lost it after the nth trespasser and went a little berserk. Few can blame her.

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Outfit: Isabel Marant Etoile utility jacket, Alexander Wang t-shirt, The Kooples track pants, New Balance 420 sneakers and Hermes Cape Cod watch

An obligatory shot of my outfit. Ahem. I'm living in my sweats and traveling means.....comfortable clothes.


  1. So beautiful - you and the English countryside! I love seeing your photos - they capture what I miss! xx

    1. :P I love London but I can take the city in small doses. I think the countryside with frequent trips to London suits me better.

  2. It really is a beautiful place, I've made a note to visit especially as they filmed parts of Stardust there as it is one of my favourite films. Love the cake honesty stall :)

  3. Lovely pics, I would love to visit castle comb but after seeing all the tourists in such a tiny town...maybe in a few years or in winter? I am a snob, you know that don't you?

    1. hi F! Been trying to find your email address on my inbox but for some reason, I haven't been able to locate it. Hope you've been well. When are you planning to visit London again?

    2. Hello there! I will send you my mail right now, it's about time...I want to go to London before the end of the year, maybe first weekend of December, with the xmas lights etc...You available??

    3. F, I'm thrilled that you're coming to London. Absolutely, yes! Got your email. Just replied. Can't wait to see you.



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