Courgette Spaghetti with Pesto and sticky wings

Thursday 24 July 2014
courgette noodles-1.1
courgette noodles-1

With the heat wave sweeping across England at the moment, it's just too hot and stuffy to eat anything other than salad. Ever since I managed to knock myself out eating pasta with pesto last year, I've minimized my gluten intake. One thing's for sure, I rarely eat bread or white pasta if I've got an appointment to go to unless I want to slur my words and turn into a groggy fool. It took 3 cups of ultra strong espresso to revive me the last time......

I must be the last person on planet Earth to discover courgette spaghetti. It's incredibly filling (who would've thought that?!) and hey, no guilt whatsoever if you're planning to over-indulge.  Since the rest of the family would likely starve to death from lack of protein, I served the dish with sticky chicken wings. I'm terrible with recipes so I just guesstimate as I go along.

The marinade for the wings consisted of honey, sweet soy sauce, light soy sauce and a dash of sesame oil. Do taste before using the marinade. Mix the ingredients together and dump it into a ziplock bag along with the wings. Marinade overnight or if you can't, an hour or two. Bake for an hour or so. Do reserve a bit of the liquid so that you can baste the wings every now and then. Here's an easy recipe for pesto. Bon Ap├ętit!


  1. Well I've not discovered courgette spaghetti yet either so you're not the last! It looks delicious! I'll be trying it! Lynne x

  2. YUM! I'll have to try.
    I'd love to hear your comments on my latest blog post!!
    Claire Wilson

  3. Delicious!! I have a 'zoodler' that makes spiral noodles out of zucchini - I love it and it works great with other veg too! I love adding zoodles to different meals to add bulk when I'm STARVING! xx

  4. Looks amazing - my kids would love those wings, too! YUM!

  5. My neighbour has just given me a high courgette to be eaten up today, home grown! I'm guessing I need one of those metal contraptions though to sort it out - damn! Next time x

  6. Fab recipe - my neighbour just bought me that slicer the other day as she'd read about courgette spaghetti online! All I need now are some courgettes!! Thanks for the inspiration Marlene x

  7. Cucumber noodles are really delicious, too, especially in applications where you might use soba a cold salad, for example. It is super hot and disgusting here in Atlanta, too...blech.


    1. Thanks for the tip, Alissa. I've never thought of using cucumber but it'll work a treat during the heatwave.

  8. That looks delicious and easy...thanks for the idea!!!

    S in HK



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