The Great Leap Forward

Wednesday, 26 February 2014
Outfit: Isabel Marant Etoile Lexy jacket (similar here),  Alexander Wang t-shirt, Zara pants (similar here and here) and ankle boots (similar here)

I've heard it all before. Age is just a number. To stay youthful, think young. blah blah blah. Leaping a decade from 20 to 30 was painless. Hitting the big 40 was a little different. My brain thinks 30, my body argues and promptly starts breaking down like a 10 year old Toyota Corona that has more than 300 000 miles on its speedometer. There's no point in fixing the engine or carburetor. You're better off with an overhaul. Just kidding.......BUT......let's face it,  you know you've aged dramatically when:

1. you try to do a split and you hear a craaaaaaaaccck. And you howl in pain. You limp for months after. Reliving your teenage years was worth it. For all of 5 minutes.

2. you take prescription pills for this and that and that....

3. everyone from waiters to sales staff keeps calling you Madam, Ma'am, Madame...... pffftttt

4. your kid and her friends tell you "'re REALLY old...." (the next time you lot come over for a play datedon't be too surprised if you're fed dog food )

5. your beautician tells you your skin is in fact, 10 years older than your actual age  

6. your acupuncturist admonishes you for trying to do the impossible at the gym. "Marlene, you know you're not that young anymore. You're not that "elastic" " (refer to number 1)

7. you eat one mini cupcake and you exercise for 2 hours to burn off 50 calories.

8. you convince yourself that the many many many fine lines around your eye area is the result of a very very happy life. You can't stop smiling all day and night. 

9. you can't catch your 7 year old when she's jogging and you're sprinting as if you're being chased by hounds.

10. you get on a roller coaster and you turn green instantly. The world continues to spin for hours after you get off. 

11. you stand next to a group of teenagers and you cannot. understand. one. single. word. like. Totally. 

12. you look at the cute One Direction boys and realize that you're old enough to be their mother.

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Photo credit: Lil L


  1. Hahaha aw Marlene, you have given me a chuckle reading your post today! I can feel like this now, so god only knows what I'll be like in those years to come! I love your outfit, chic as always. Obviously I'm super loving the Marant cardigan, the colour is gorgeous! :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

    1. You're an old soul encased in a young body, that's why :P

  2. I don't care how old you are, you still look terrific! But yes, I'm in my 30s, and have noticed some, uh, physical decline...I tell myself it is more than made up for by a commensurate increase in wisdom ;)


    1. Alissa, you're very sweet. Thank you. Erm..yeah. 30 you notice the joints creaking? It's awful to hear!

  3. Sister, I'm in the very same boat! You really do look super young, though - and you wear our favorite IM pieces so well.

    1. My sister from another mother. Don't forget I've seen you up close and you are free of wrinkles...

  4. You look AMAZING!!! AH-AMAZING!! You have such great style!! I would have never guessed your age. You look like you are in your 20's!! Age is only a number.

    Best, Mree

    1. Mree, thank you. Really kind of you to say so. Good thing there was decent light on my face which wiped out the lines. Up close? It's a different story.

  5. Aarghgh. I can relate to far too many of those!

    But honestly like Mree says - you look great. You have absolutely nothing to worry about! I bet you haven't even had your first grey hair yet have you?

    1. Hah! Plenty of grey hair now. I may have to dye my hair soon.

  6. Marlene, you look chic and fantabulous :)

    I won't tell you about my dodgy knee (that I busted on a stationary bike ages ago and now have to pay the price for being young and stupid). Or that if I want to continue eating the way I do, I'll need to exercise even more *pffft*

    Or that I've found a grey hair a few weeks ago and was all like ?%&($* what the what (WHAT THE WHAT!!!) is that?! I'm not an idiot, I know (I do :) that people get them in their twenties, but I've never dyed my hair because I didn't need to.

    But what bothers me the most (THE MOST) I cannot eat the way I used to as in like - it's maybe not the wisest idea to have chimichangas/anything with beans/anything spicy late at night. Nightmares. No sleep. Also... nah that would be TMI :) But... (shaking fist at my stomach for not being how it used to be).

    Wrinkles wise - started on retinol and it seems to be working :) BFF joked will have faces smooth as a baby's bottom :)

    But yeah all what you said and more :)

    I hope truly the pay off is that I am wiser. But then again... if I am that wise, I'd stop having spicy food in the evenings already :)

    1. R, I know what you mean about spicy food. LOVE LOVE LOVE them but I can't handle them well these days. Nothing too rich either. Sigh.

  7. Marlene, no one would ever be able to guess your age! You're still styling and casually cool.
    Remember that a good sense of humor is timeless!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  8. Marlene, whenever I click on the link to the Alexander Wang T-shirt, it links me to the Isabel Marant Dicker ankle boots. Can you tell me the name of the shirt instead?

    1. Oops, sorry! I've just changed the link now. It's the pocket tee. There's free shipping at the moment so enter the code FREENEW.

  9. It's only now I have got to my fifties that I have started to see the changes. Being in my forties didn't bother me. Make the most of every age you are and you will be beautiful - and you are. M x

  10. If I didn't know your age I would have thought you were in your late twenties! You look amazing for your age and I only hope I look half as good as you do when I hit 40!

    Five Minute Style 



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