Q & A with Alice Gao

Monday 5 August 2013
You may be familiar with Alice Gao by now seeing that I've featured her work here a couple of times. She's only 25 but has the maturity and confidence of someone decades older. She's an Instagram extraordinaire and an incredibly talented photographer. She's talked about shooting a campaign entirely with an iPhone and it looks like her dream has come true. She's in fact, on her way to Miami to get behind the wheels of the new Mercedes CLA to photograph her experience with've guessed it....iPhone 4S. Send her plenty of likes and she may be the lucky gal who gets to keep the car.


Name and occupation
Alice, Photographer

Your favorite food
Oh god, for me, this is like a parent answering which child is her favorite ;)
I love comforting Korean food just as much as I love top notch fancy French food. 

What would you NOT eat EVER?
I consider myself pretty adventurous and willing to try things at least, but I think I draw the line at monkey brains. Shudder. 

Favorite cities
New York, Paris (I imagine London too but I have yet to go there!)
Cliché but what can I say?

Favorite designer brands
Céline, Chloé, Givenchy, and Proenza Schouler


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5 Favorite items in your closet
- AG ripped boyfriend jeans (I actually re-entered boyfriend jean territory after seeing how versatile you make them!)
- Helmut Lang moto leather jacket
- Everlane black silk blouse
- Chloé scalloped flats
- Proenza Schouler PS11

How would you describe your style
Frankly, it's a bit boring. Some may call it "classic" but I feel that's often just a euphemism. I gravitate toward neutral colors and safe, minimal silhouettes. I like a little bit of edge and masculinity in my outfits. With the addition of these ripped boyfriend jeans in my wardrobe, my boyfriend has described my look as grungy artist. Hah. 

5 most asked questions on your blog/Instagram/Twitter
What camera do you use?
What lens do you use? 
What color paint is your kitchen wall? 
Why are you always posting photos of your food? 
What font is your blog header?

Your weirdest experience ever
Shoot I don't have a good answer for this! Can we skip? :P

Your favorite haunts in NYC
For shopping:
- Still House
- ABC Home & Carpet
- Save Khaki
- McNally Jackson Books

- Abraço
- OST Cafe
- La Colombe
- Bowery Coffee
- All Good Things (for the Blue Bottle and general other awesomeness there)
I could go on and on...

How did your interest in photography started? What do you shoot with?
In the beginning I shot with a dinky point and shoot and would mostly shoot my food and flowers (this was ages ago in high school, though I suppose not much has changed). When I got a little more serious, I emptied my bank account one summer and bought a Canon Rebel SLR off a guy on Craigslist. The rest is history. Now I mostly shoot with my iPhone, and for professional shoots, I use a Canon 5d mkiii and generally my Carl Zeiss 50mm Macro lens or the Canon 24-70mm version ii. Both are sweet lenses. 

Favorite must reads (blogs, books, journals, magazines etc)
Well, your blog, for one! And les anti-modernes, andy heart, note to self, park & cube, just to name a few!
I think my all-time favorite book is still Nabokov's Lolita. As for magazines, too many to list... I'm going to have a serious hoarding problem unless I change all my subscriptions to digital. 

How many languages do you speak?
This is embarrassing but I'm only fluent in English. I can mostly get by in French (aka I know how to ask if "this bag comes in another size/color" and how to order food -- I obviously have my priorities straight) and know basic Mandarin.

3 things you can't live without
- Camera
- Face moisturizer 
- Ice cream (only half-kidding)

**do check out another awesome interview of Alice over at Industry Of One


  1. Thank you for the intro! We seem to love the same book, ice-cream and would definitely understand each others French, so I adore her already. :) Off to discover more. x

  2. Ahh I've followed Alice's blog for a fair while now, her work is so inspiring. Great questions and loved learning a bit more about her x

  3. Lovely interview! I love that she uses her iPhone so much :) (I actually find mine takes better pictures than my camera; how sad is that?)

  4. Love this little interview.

  5. Alice really does take amazing pictures and to say she does some of them with her iPhone is amazing. Some people just have an eye for composition and what makes a good picture.

  6. Adore Alice. After watching her blog from the beginning and cheering her success, it was great to spend a day hanging out with her when she was in Australia recently. She's just as beautiful and humble in person.

    1. How wonderful to hear that you and Alice managed to catch up in Sydney. The blogging community brings people from all over the world together. It's the reason why we're still blogging even though it's darn hard work at times.

  7. Loved this :D Thank you so much for sharing. I have a feeling I need to share this in my "weekend reads" if that's ok with you ;)


    1. For sure, Carin! I'm honored that you're planning to include this. Watch this space for another artist that you may recognize who's the rage in the internet.

  8. great interview. I'm glad I don't have to be yet another person asking what camera/lens she uses!



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