Pass It Forward: 3 Bloggers

Friday 20 July 2012
I'm so excited to introduce these 3 bloggers that I've been following for a while. All three inspire me in different ways. They have a sense of individuality that is unique and cannot be easily replicated. They're determined, talented and most importantly, truly lovely people.

Alice of Lingered Upon


Alice is a New Yorker and a professional photographer. She is my photography guru. Her photos blow me away every single time. Whenever I need a dose of inspiration, all I have to do is stop by her blog and gawk at the incredible images there.  I think she's used to my tweet now - Alice, where can I get a good camera strap? Alice, how do you make a collage? Alice, which camera body do you recommend? She's a lot younger than I am but only in age and certainly not in terms of knowledge. Alice loves her coffee and food. You wouldn't know that by looking at her. If I ate like her, I would look like a hippo.

Katherine of Feather Factor


Katherine is no stranger to most of you but she is someone I just HAVE to feature. Hands up those of you who look forward to her Wednesday interviews? Katherine chooses the most fascinating ladies to showcase. I often, if not always, walk away inspired, having learned something new. I've been following her blog since its inception more than a year ago. Thanks to her insightful and varied posts, she has clocked in more than a million views within a year. I have the attention span of an insect and often find it difficult to stick to one thing which is why I love that she covers a motley of topics ranging from finances, career, fashion to travel.

Terri of Hunger Hunger


Hong Yi

Terri resides in Sabah, North Borneo and is an incredible cook. Thanks to my mom who first introduced her to me, I've been reading her blog religiously for the past 2 years and have tried a gamut of recipes from her site. She was chosen from a list of hundreds of bloggers from around the world including an Aussie Masterchef contestant for the Royal Selangor Pewter's Pink Ribbon " Get your Jelly On" competition last year and won. Her creations were...... as a Kiwi would say....out of this world!

She calls herself the Opinionated Housewife and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Her daughter, Yi who is currently based in Shanghai, is also an overachiever.  She is a talented architect and an absolutely incredible artist. The video of her painting a portrait of Jay Chou with coffee stains on a cup went viral and was featured in every important newspaper worldwide.


  1. I love this series (have found so many great bloggers through it) and am honored to be featured on it, especially from a favorite blogger of my own - thank you again Marlene!

  2. You have recommended lots of great bloggers so far. I'm off to check these out!

  3. Great girls!!!

  4. How sweet of you to pass these bloggers on. I am a fan of Feather Factor too. And I will certainly check out the other two.
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  5. Fan of Alice and Katherine but I've not seen Terri's blog before. Just looking at it makes me hungry and I need to go and get my lunch now!

  6. Thanks for recommending these bloggers! They seem wonderful and I definitely will be checking them out. Have a great weekend Marlene! :)

  7. Thanks for sharing these lovely ladies x

  8. I just had a look at Alice's blog. She's so talented, this girl really has an eye for taking life from the things or people she shoots and to restitute them as if you were about to touch them ! Thanks for sharing ! Et Bon week-end !
    xx Fran├žoise

  9. I'm a huge fan of Katherine's blog. It's quite addictive actually. I'm going to check the other two ladies out now. You've never failed to recommend brilliant blogs. Have a great weekend.

    xx Mandi

  10. These ladies sound amazing! I'll have to look at their blogs.


  11. Checking out their blogs! They all sound awesome! Hope you had a great weekend sweetie!


  12. i love these posts of yours - some of these wonderful bloggers I already know, but and I've found some amazing new ones - just spent forever looking through Alice's beautiful photos. thanks for the introduction : )

  13. I loooove Hunger Hunger! Such an amazing blogger and totally hits the spot for me ;)

  14. thanks marlene; we're so honored to be featured on your amazing blog!

  15. Thanks for sharing! I learned about Alice from your blog, but it's nice to see the face behind the pictures! Of course, we all LOVE Katherine! :) And I'll have to check out Terri - ME LIKES FOOD!! LOL!

    xo, sam

  16. Oh feather factor. Fashion and money savings, like catnip for me! Have signed up to her RSS thanks Marlene x

  17. wow...the coffee architect/artist was absolutely brilliant!! the scale, the skill....OMG!! thanks for sharing!!



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