25 minute Pizza

Monday 19 December 2011
This is a quick and easy "recipe" for pizzas that require very little work and washing up. It was such a hit so I thought I'd share it on my blog.

A few days ago, I had Lil L and her 2 buddies from school came over for a playdate and dinner. All 3 are fairly opinionated. One wanted olives, another hated it and the third wouldn't even try it. Lil L would only eat green veggies, one wouldn't touch the darn thing unless you bribe her and the third's veggie repertoire extends only to spinach. I decided that the best way to deal with these picky eaters was to get them to make their own dinner.

I found these amazing hand stretched and doused with extra virgin olive oil garlic pizza base from Sainsbury's which contains absolutely no preservatives nor chemicals. These are by far, the best I'd ever eaten and cost only £1.70. I made my own tomato base by sautee-ing a couple of garlic cloves and then chuck in the passata and a squeeze of tomato puree. Season with sea salt and freshly ground pepper. A quick simmer and it was all done within 10 minutes.

Before you do anything, preheat the oven to 220 C or maximum on grill.The preparation took only minutes as it was a case of opening packets. You can have an array of different ingredients and the kids can just pick and choose what they want to go on their pizza. Cut up some cherry tomatoes, rocket leaves, red peppers, olives, salami, pepperoni, tear up balls of mozzarella. I sliced up some leftover sausages. Voila, it's over to the kids. By the way, I refuse to use those disgusting processed mozzarella.


The kids chowed down the pizza within minutes. Even Lil L's friend who is by far, the pickiest eater I've ever met had seconds. Dessert was satsumas and golden kiwi fruit. All in all, it was a balanced meal and very little washing up to do. I'm a firm believer that pizzas are meant to be eaten with your  hands. This is perfect for parties or entertaining a large group of people without spending tons of money. Furthermore, these pizzas taste far better than the ones from restaurants.



Leftover ingredients can be made into a simple salad. If you use the freshest vegetables you can get your hands on, the dressing should be kept simple. Just enough to bring out the taste of the vegetables. All it requires is a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, a sprinkling of sea salt and freshly ground pepper.



  1. wow this looks delicious!! will def try. pizza is so easy to make at home =]

  2. looks delicious!! i wish my mom was like that when i was younger but oh well :) would try to make some pizza at home in the future :)

  3. Yeah all my mum ever made me was spaghetti hoops from a can! My mum has never cooked in her life do I've been trying to teach myself to cook and bake over the last 18 months.

  4. The pizza looks so fresh and delicious!
    My friend had a small party a few nights ago with Korean BBQ and a little make-your-own-pizza corner. He had little ready-made pizza doughs and plenty of toppings and cheese next to the oven. Would love to do this using the pizza doughs you photographed above! Hopefully can find something similar in Germany. :)

  5. ShinyPrettyThings, the trick is to find a good pizza base. I rarely have time to make my own base. The cleaning up afterwards plus dealing with a bunch of rascals..... it's enough to make my head spin so I take shortcuts.

    breakingrumours, sweet of you. I'm lucky that I work from home. My hours are flexible which means I can dash off and put something in the oven before getting back to my emails.

    Tabitha, wow, you turned out well despite the fact your mom couldn't cook. I'm so impressed by the ready made meals here in the UK. The downside is the high sodium. I made plenty of crazy mistakes when I started cooking and baking. My dad nearly broke his teeth after he tried to take a bit of my rock hard cake.

    Susan, what a neat idea. I've yet to try Korean BBQ but it'll definitely work for a party. The pizza base is ready made but it has taken a bit of time to find good ones. Some of them tasted like cardboard. Bleh.

    S in NY, thought you'd be in HK by now, tempted by all the yummy food there.

  6. this look delicious!!! good to see another version of pizza other than i prepare.. yum yum yum...xoxo, Haus of Gala

  7. Oh yum!!!! My mouth is still salivating from the pizza you cooked me last week. What a winner!

  8. Yay for fresh, whole, unprocessed ingredients! I need to try this with my kids.

  9. Hi Marlene, we're actually in Thailand till today. No matter how yummy the food is here - your pictures and recipes are still awfully tempting :) S in NY

  10. Yum Yum!!! Me Want Some! HAHAHA You need to open a restaurant. This looks so awesome! It looks like a feature in a cooking or home magazine. See, even your cooking is elegant! Just like your clothes and taste! Great post! :)

  11. Wow, this pizza bases look amazing! Love your choice of toppings. Beautiful weeknight dinner for anytime :)

  12. prettymeggy, I'm looking forward to seeing more amazing recipes on your blog. I've been meaning to try out the coconut cookies that you featured last week.

    Mandi, *hugs* hope you're feeling better. You'll just have to come over again sometime this week.

    laura, I'm amazed at the selection here in the UK. It is actually quite easy to find unprocessed food. I can just imagine the wider variety of food available in the US.

    Vale, thank you.

    S, Thailand!! Girl, you're very adventurous considering your delicate condition. Hope you enjoy the last bit of proper couple time before the little one comes.

    Kim, you always say the sweetest things! I don't think I'm good nor disciplined enough to contemplate opening a restaurant.

    Yasmeen, thank you! Glad you like it.

  13. YUM! This looks delicious.

    Bradley and I love homemade pizza. Brushing the crust with olive oil before adding sauce/toppings/cheese is crucial. YUMMMY!

  14. That pizza base looks delicious.

    ... I'm hungry now.



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