Thermal Cookware

Thursday 27 January 2011
I'm madly in love with my new La Gourmet Thermal pot. My friend summed it up in two words - eco-friendly. I call it my wonder-pot. I've only just discovered this new approach to cooking recently when Linh showed me a simpler way of making the stock base for pho. A few days later, I saw a similar pot at my sister in law's counter-top.

The thermal cookware is a lifesaver for those who love stew, casserole and soup. I try not to cave in and use bouillon cubes but honestly, making chicken stock from scratch is a pain in the you-know-where. Simply take the internal pot out and place over the stove on medium heat. Cook as per normal and bring the soup/casserole to boil for 10-30 minutes. Place it back into the exterior pot and it'll continue cooking for a couple of hours. Now walk away, check your emails, attend to your kids, go to work and voila, your food's all ready and you don't even need to heat it up. In fact, your delicious stew will stay piping hot for up to 8 hours. You'll save tons in electricity and gas and most importantly, who wants to slave over the kitchen everyday?

There are multitudes of brands out there but I bought mine from Parkson Grand in Malaysia for a grand total of £90.


  1. It seems really practical. BTW, as you mentioned pho, I just made it yesterday, thanks for the wonderful recipe! :-)

  2. My pleasure! I'm still trying to find the pho spice base here in the UK.



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