Karen Walker Clothes

Sunday 5 December 2010
You've probably heard me gush endlessly about Karen Walker on numerous occasions but honestly, I can't stop waxing lyrical about this amazing Kiwi designer. Her clothes may look rather bleh on hangers but drape and fit like a dream when you put them on. The only one thing on my must-do list when I got home to NZ is to buy up as many Karen Walker pieces as I can afford. My wedding gown was a KW grecian evening dress which I had it taken in at the waist.

Today, I dropped close to a small fortune on the 4 pieces I'd tried on. Given the opportunity, I would've gladly bought everything in the store. I just found out that my favorite sales associate at their Newmarket branch has now been made the General Manager. Good on her! I am a happy camper because my superb SA organised a 15% discount for me which is a privilege for their VIP customers. I haven't purchased anything from them ever since my move to the UK so by right I'm not entitled to any. Unfortunately, the selection is rather poor in the UK but thankfully, I can now order online and they ship internationally too.

I adore this skirt as you can dress it up or down. The fabric is thick enough for the wet and cold UK weather too. The skirt is no longer available online and it was the last piece at their Newmarket store.

Cherry Blossom Puff Sleeve Dress NZD 169. This dress covers my bat wing arms and accentuate my non existent waist. I look like I have an hourglass figure in this!

Karen Walker Simple Scoop Neck Dress NZD 335. Despite the thin silk fabric, it's not sheer probably due to the dark print. So easy to put on and extremely flattering. I've tried cinching the waist and it looked just as amazing.

Animal Print dress NZD 220. I do not wear polyester. EVER. Well, until I tried on this dress and fell in love with the cut. My favorite dress from Karen Walker!


  1. very nice! n tt skirt can go anywhere n last for years.

  2. I love the versatility of the skirt. You can dress it up or down with ease. Yes, I know what you mean. I hardly ever follow the trends so something that will still remain timeless suits me just fine.

  3. you don't follow trends?! you scare me with your fashionable clothes and bags!

  4. LOL! You're good for my ego. I need all the figure enhancing clothes particularly when I'm back in Asia. Everyone's so skinny and I feel like a hippo. BTW, I still don't do skinny jeans. Too short and pudgy for them.



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